Financial & Logistict



Advice to the local manager in all financial aspects. Supervise on all salary payment procedures and on all related systems.  Help to negotiate with vendors.  Prepare, update, and maintain business plans.



Salaries and extra payments' calculations with preparations for Payments orders.

Full management of the whole package of Social Benefits and confronting the right authorities to have it done.

Preparing all required payments such as Governmental Payments, Insurance's reductions/payments etc.

Managing the entire umbrella coverage to all employees in terms of logistics' support (leased cars, cellular phones, Lap-tops etc), holiday presents etc.






Account Reconciliation, invoices & billing, preparing payment, VAT & tax reporting,

preparing the company books for the  annual external audit according to local gaap/ USGAAP.
























Preparing all kind of management reports include P/L, balance sheet, profit center or cost center calculation, CF plans.

All the reports are modify to the international corporate report system and provide in English.